Our Philosophy

  1. Team Philosophy The very idea that started JBGuide.me is due to the lack of a Chinese based place where people regardless of their jailbreaking abilities can get help, from the rookies to those who are more advanced. The jailbreaking community in China (or even those iOS communities) are polluted by those immense online forums which are irresponsible and therefore drive people into corners and dead ends. The outstanding belief towards jailbreak within China from the majority of users are astounding. Piracy came out with the camouflage with “Chinese” and “Jailbreak” written all over it, the deception that made people believe their just and might over the true jailbreak purpose, further polluting the name of “Jailbreak”. Such pursuit of freedom like Jailbreak eventually is connected with “piracy”, a title that is of most insult. Therefore as a team, we set out with one goal. That is “Enlighten everyone, new comers especially, and set Jailbreak right”.
  2. Team Methods Since as a team we have a goal, we therefore have our methods. Simply saying that “All hail genuine and suck it piracy” is not going to do any good. So even though the goal is to set Jailbreak right, but in reality we chose to do a more convoluted path, one that will yield not only more results, but better results. By demonstrating the positive experiences of genuine purchases (including but not limited to timely updates, allowing to provide feedback and refund if unsatisfied) and the negative experiences of piracy (including but not limited to crashes,unable to operate normally,slow and no updates and no place to feedback when problems do occur).

Thus far, the team have been using the following methods to spread the ideas and philosophy:

  • One to one Q & A on Sina Weibo, this is one of the most ancient methods, one that has proven itself worthy through time, by offering those who purchases with help and deny any help to those who uses pirated softwares/tweaks.
  • Our website JBGuide.me has provided all sorts of help. This is the most vital platform for the team, which went through three major updates. The website has a step by step introduction to how to jailbreak, it introduces famous names within the jailbreaking community and push out new software and tweaks recommendations frequently.
  • Jailbreaking video tutorials. These are a engaging and easy to understand method for the jailbreak users. We put out videos regarding jailbreaking tutorials, tweaks demos, jailbreaking philosophies, iOS mechanism breakdowns, jailbreak guide after software updates and so on.
  • TalkJB Podcast, a podcast that involves the topics around jailbreaking and Apple. It is complementary to other methods. It is also one of the most engaging as followers would have a chance to talk to team members live.
  • Alternative methods, JBGuide.me members have followers on various social networks, these members spread the ideas and beliefs spontaneously, through both the internet and verbal to people around them.
  1. About Team Members Currently the majority of team members are high schoolers and university students, with no lack of overseas students. From the original three people, we have grown to a team of over 20 people, each member all do different jobs but we all share the same belief. We hope that in the future, many more capable men and women, those who strongly believe our philosophy, would join us. Together, we could walk this path till eternity.